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What is zootherapy you ask? Well it’s simple! It is therapy assisted by animals with a specific goal in mind at every session. Many people mistake zootherapy for zooanimation which are two different things. Zooanimation is less specialized and requires 56 hours of training. Zooanimation is often done in groups and it is more about spending time with the animal with no specific goal in mind. During a zootherapy session we can focus on anything going from working on managing emotions to practicing fine motor skills. Stéphanie’s main area of focus is Zootherapy and she caters to people of all ages and types of clientele.


We offer care with a specific goal in mind at every session


We want to help you improve and feel good. Animals have been proven to help with conditions such as anxiety, depression, speech impediments, developmental delays, Alzheimer’s disease and rehabilitation.

We want to help

We listen to your needs. Each therapy session will be customized for your specific session. We work with people of all ages and demographics.

What We Do For You?

Our Services


First appointment so that the animal and I can get to know you better. This appointment can last up to an hour and a half.

We come to you

I will be bringing my partner (animal) to different places such as hospitals, group homes, CHSLD, Schools, houses, and more. During COVID we will follow directions and sanitary measures defined by the Québec government. 

Zootherapy with a Dog

Specialized 1 hour sessions with a dog

Zootherapy with a Cat

Starting June 2021 we will be offering 1 hour sessions with a cat

*currently not available

Zootherapy with other animals

I may eventually be working with rabbits, rats, birds, horses, and/or other farm animals.  stay tuned for more information on my expansion


Usually done in groups but can be individual. It isn’t done with a specific goal. Mainly there to comfort and play with.

Get To Know Us

About Us Few Words

Hi, my name is Stéphanie, a certified zootherapist. I have completed and acquired the minimum of a 1,000 hours of work experience required by a stringent intensive program given by the IFZA. I had prior experience working with animals and their needs while working as a veterinarian technician assistant. Furthermore, I  have gained the know how of helping others while I was in studies to become a nurse. My love for helping has always been a core part of who I am. 

I first heard of zooanimation while hospitalized. Every week a new dog came to visit and I found myself comforted by these moments. They gave me something to look forward to.

The drive to help others with the comfort I experienced with animals has brought me a career change. By combining the happiness that animals can bring with a therapy focused on individual needs, the term zootherapy was formed. My sessions are goal oriented and focused on your needs. I want others to receive the kind of care and hope that animals give me through zootherapy. Together we can create memories that bring hope and comfort to your life.

We help as best we can! Pass on the positivity as it has been passed on to you.


Stephanie started this company with the hopes of helping others as they have helped her. She has one cat of her own and a family dog. She is currently looking for new animals (specifically well trained dogs) to join her team. We are now accepting new clients.

Meet Our Team

Sir Gizmo

A 17 year old miniature Schnauzer


A former teammate of mine (R.I.P 2014-2021)


A 12 year old female cat


Lea is a two year old female toy poodle. She is calm, gentle and has done wonders for her autistic owners.


A 2 year old Shiba Inu (requires availability confirmation)


Zola is a 22 month old miniature schnauzer. She is always happy and excited to greet you.

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